Wednesday, 10 February 2021

February Goals


I used to do these posts quite a lot when I was fully into doing my Blog and Youtube and thought why not bring them back as I do like to have some kind of structure to my months even though I know right now no month seems any different I do like to have a little list to keep ticking off when I know I've achieved them. so I thought why not show you what I'm hoping to achieve in February. 

I used to start these posts by having a little wrap up of the month before and if I achieved the goals I set but of course in January I didn't have any goals set if I'm honest I just wanted to take the first month of the year to see how this year was looking which I mean currently not a lot has changed but it was a productive month for me as I was still working but managed to read 7 books and watch a lot of Netflix which is all I seem to spent my time doing at the moment but for the start of the year it definitely was a long month but I did enjoy it and a lot seemed to happen! I didn't get a job I applied for where I work, I got myself a new car, a lot of snow and a funeral so it was without a doubt an up and down month but we are now into a new month and I'm ready to get my positive head back on so lets get into my February goals.

My February goals are; 

Read 8 Books - I have my Goodreads goal at 30 books this year which is a target I'm happy to reach but since we currently have nothing else to do I am finding reading to be a great distraction so hoping to read at least 8 books this month if I can. 
Plan/Buy Mother's Day Gifts - I'm planning in advance here but I want to try and plan what I'm going to get my Mum for Mother's Day and if I can pick a few bits up over the month of February. 
Sort Out My Bookshelf - I feel as though this is quite a boring one but I want to have a little sort out of my books and my bookshelf to get rid of any books I'm holding onto but know I'm not going to pick up. 
Get Back Into My Blog - This was a goal for 2021 was to get back into my blog and I just want to commit myself more and stick to my schedule I have planned for my blog posts and find that love again, its hard currently as I wanted to take my blog on more of a lifestyle route but as we currently can't go anywhere I just want to try get myself back into creating content I love and enjoy writing about. 
Reduce The Time On My Phone - This is a massive one for me but I just want to try and reduce the time I am on my phone so I can be a bit more productive, I find myself just scrolling on social media to pass time on but I want to spend that time reading or even doing blog posts but I just find social media quite toxic sometimes and want to try spend less time on my phone which will then make me spent less time on social media. 

Do you have any goals for February?

Meg xo 

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