Friday, 12 February 2021

New In - Skincare Favourites


I thought today I would share with you some new products which have become my skincare staples.

I decided to purchase these products again so I had them as my back up in my collection, once I find products which work for my skin I love to stock up and know I always have a back up one for when I run out. I'm going to share three products from Revolution and then I have one product from the brand Nuxe which is an oldie but a goodie product without a doubt! I said this year I would get my skincare routine down and know exactly what my skin needed and finally feel like I've found a routine which helps combat my oiliness but still give it the nourishment it needs and I'm finally not getting many breakouts unless it's hormonal breakouts which I can deal with each month! So I'll start with the two face products from Revolution.

The first two products I picked up are two products I have added into my night skincare routine and I honestly think they have without a doubt made a difference. The first Product is the Revolution 5% Caffeine Solution + Hyaluronic Acid which I use underneath my eyes before I apply my eye cream and I do feel like it has made my under eyes look less puffy on a morning and actually makes me look more awake and for the price I think its great I do think its a dupe for the Ordinary one but I just decided to try the Revolution one and so far I've loved using it. The next product is Revolution Skincare Targeted Blemish Serum 2% Salicylic Acid  which I decided to try on a whim and I feel like it has honestly reduced my breakouts to a minimum of just hormonal breakouts. I feel like this has cleared my skin massively and I'm so glad I decided to try this.

The current weather is causing my lips to be very dry so I'm needing to keep applying lipbalm and I've found applying it on a night before I go to sleep has been helping massively. I decided to pick up one of my all time favourites Reve De Miel Lip Balm by Nuxe as I know this always works when I'm needing a heavier lipbalm and I just love the scent of this but I decided to pick up a cheaper alternative to give a go and I have to say after trying this out I would say I think when I am to repurchase I will be picking the cheaper alternative which is Revolution Vanilla Cup Sleeping Mask as I just found this to be so much more easier to use, the Revolution one isn't as thick when applying which I think now I've tried it I much prefer it. The scent of the Revolution one is so lovely and as much as I love the scent of the Nuxe one I just much prefer the Revolution one and it's a lot cheaper yet does the same thing for my lips. 

Have you picked any new skincare up recently which has now became a favourite?

Meg xo  

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